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Senior Fitness Instructor Training (Studio Certified)

A Studio Certified Training for Safe & Fun Senior Fitness Instruction

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What you will learn

  • Learn how to safely teach seniors of all ages and abilities gentle fitness routines

  • Learn about common injuries and ailments and how to modify exercises specifically for them

  • Learn how to incorporate the best of yoga, pilates and weight training into senior specific classes

  • Learn in-depth how to modify fitness classes of all kinds using a chair

  • Learn how to sequence full-length classes that flow and are fun!

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No prior teaching experience or certification needed

Who is this course for

  • Fitness Instructors

  • Yoga & Pilates Teachers

  • Senior Students wanting to deepen their own practice


Welcome! This is our 20hr Senior Fitness Instructor Training created by full-time Senior Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher, Emily. This course brings together the best of yoga, pilates and weight training so that you can create fun, functional and safe fitness classes for senior students. We are so excited to have two of our courses topping the charts as the #1 Best Selling Yoga Trainings on Udemy for 2023!  T

Emily has over 3,000 hours of teaching experience and is so grateful to share all of what she has learned with you. Emily is available for mentoring support in this course.

Join this training for the most in-depth insight and techniques that you can share with your senior students (or your own personal practice!) The course begins with an in-depth guide on how to support students of all ages, walks of life and experience levels, including how to teach from a trauma-informed perspective. We then break down the best of Yoga, Pilates and Weight training modifying with a chair. We learn how to create a full length class without ever needing to go down to the ground! 

However, this course is not just chair-based. We go over how to modify classic standing stretches and exercises so that your class is supportive of all levels of practitioner! Then, we it shake up even more by learning how to incorporate props like bands, and weights into the seated portion of your class.

You can use this course to supplement a current yoga teacher certification or add onto your other ACE/NASM certifications. You do not need to be a yoga teacher or fitness instructor to take this course! This training is for everyone looking to share the love with our senior community.  Our fun and honest approach will help you teach and take your classes with full confidence in yourself.

Upon completion of the course and all of the requirements including 30 day enrollment, you will receive a special Lilac Lotus Wellness certificate of completion and studio reference!

Our curriculum includes written content supplemented with video'd content and other resources. The course includes 24hr mentorship and connection to the creator, and you have lifetime access to all of the content!


This course is 100% SELF-PACED

At the end of the training we reinforce everything learned through a short quiz.

Remember, this content is yours FOR LIFE! And our course creator Emily will always be here to support you with any future questions.


Course Outline

Welcome Video

The Lilac Lotus Story

Studio Certification Requirements Video

Studio Certification Requirements Review


Creating A Safe Space

Creating A Safe Space

Trauma Informed Teaching Video #1

Trauma Informed Teaching Video #2

Trauma Informed Teaching Review

Common Injuries & Contraindications

1 on 1 vs Group Teaching

Section 2 Quiz

Props & Safety

Choosing the Right Chair Video

Other Helpful Props Video

Sequencing Hack!

Section 3 Quiz


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This Course Includes

42 Lessons
6 Quizzes
0 Assignment
8 Downloadable Resources
Full Lifetime Access
Certificate of completion
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