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Look Your VERY best – Learn about Color, Style & Fashion

Create Your Unique Style – With YOUR Best Colors, Cuts, Lines, Prints and Accessories.

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What you will learn

  • Discover what the right colors vs the wrong colors can do for you - with background information why it works, the characteristics of each color type, etc.

  • Analyze your personal color season and choose the very best colors that will flatter your natural beauty

  • Learn all about the different shapes and determine which body type you tend towards to

  • Feel confident dressing with your best fabrics and accessories for your body type

  • Take the Personality Style test and let yourself glow with the perfecting fabrics, pattern and jewelry & acessories

  • Create your very personal style with YOUR colors, lines, fabrics & accessories

  • Declutter and perfectly organize your wardrobe

  • Become smart at shopping, only buy 100 % pieces and save time and money in the process

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Just have fun about fashion and enjoy to discover more about yourself and your personal style

  • It's helpful to have a silver toned scarf + a gold toned scarf handy for your personal Color Anlaysis

  • Perform your Color Analysis (Lesson 14/15) in good daylight

Who is this course for

  • Any Woman who wants to look her/his absoute best dress in their perfect colors and wants to make a great 1st impression

  • Any woman who wants to look authentic in her harmonious colors, cuts, styles, fabrics & accessories

  • Any woman who wants to create her unique personal style - beyond the trends

  • This course is especially designed for women – men will benefit from the personal Color Analysis lectures too


In this course, you will discover how you can look your absolute very best, with YOUR personal COLORS. Make a harmonious, authentic impression - and feel good about it!

Click “Take This Course” to look your very best or visit me on www()howtostyle()me for more information about my Udemy courses.

In this course I will cover:
• Wearing your best colors will make you look younger, healthier, and slimmer.
• How to strategically wear lines, prints, textures, fabrics, and accessories.
• Fine-tune your personal and professional style – the basis for a successful,  lasting image – and save time and money in the process.

The colors that will make you glow are based on your skin complexion, hair, and eye color. You will learn all about the different color seasons, do your personal color analysis and download your reference book with color charts for shopping.

This course will help you to choose garments that flatter your body type and how to bring your figure in perspective with the right colors, lines, cuts, fabrics & accessories.

Take this course today, (with Personality Style test) and create your unique personal style - beyond trends. Make no more costly mistakes, you will be able to shop with focus, according to your individual lifestyle needs, your personal sense of style, and budget.



What to expect - at a Glance

Quick Peak into Color Analysis


The 1. Impression

What is Image?

Why Color + Image Consulting?

What percent of a "first impression" is based on nonverbal signals?

History of Color Analysis

History of the Typology of the Seasons

What makes a color YOUR color?

RIGHT colors vs the WRONG colors

The best Color in the whole world is the one that look good on YOU!

How was the "typology of the seasons" discovered?

Characteristics of the seasonal types

The Spring type

The Summer type

The Autumn type

The Winter type


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