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French Pastry - Guide for the creation of Croissants

Simple and complete guide to making perfect Croissants at home, completely by hand, without a mixer

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What you will learn

  • Create a Croissant dough

  • Create the butter for the flaking

  • Learn the lamination technique

  • How to cut and form Croissants

  • How to make Croissants rise perfectly

  • How to cook Croissants

  • Creation of the glaze to polish the Croissants

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No experience is required

Who is this course for

  • Homemade bakers, chefs, amateur pastry


This course is for all those people who want to learn how to make fairly simple but very delicious leavened desserts.

In this course you will find all the aspects and the phases of rolling and cooking a croissant, explained in a simple and concise way, in order to facilitate the learning of these techniques.

We will make a croissant dough from scratch without using kneading machines or machinery and we will follow together the simple step-by-step instructions of the whole process.

I will explain you how to choose ingredients and I will show you how to use them correctly.

I will guide you step by step in the realization of  a perfectly hand-rolled dough, only using a rolling pin, and we will see how to cut, form the croissants and how to make them rise correctly. I will also guide you in finding the right setting for your oven to obtain an optimal cooking level of the croissants.

Inside the course, you will also find the recipe for making egg-wash (a compound obtained by mixing together egg yolk and milk), which will be used to give a more burnished color to our croissant and allow a correct  leavening in the oven. Not only that, you will also find the icing recipe, made up of water and sugar, which will be used to polish and give a sweeter touch to the finished product.

By taking this course you will learn:

  • How to prepare the dough without machinery

  • How to make a block of butter for rolling

  • Hand lamination technique

  • How to roll out the dough to the right size

  • How to cut croissants from dough

  • How to shape the croissant

  • The stages of leavening

  • How to cook properly the croissant

  • How to make egg wash

  • How to make icing

ATTENTION: the text is in English, the videos are in the original language with English subtitles


Before starting

Recipe and preparation of ingredients

Dough preparation - Phase 1

Preparation of built-in butter

Dough preparation - Phase 2

Second day - Lamination and tools

Lamination 3-4-3

Before cutting and forming the croissants

Cutting the croissants

Croissant forming and leavening

Additional information on leavening

Preparation egg wash and glaze

Preparation of the oven


End of cooking and icing



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