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Essential Cooking Skills

Cook like a pro, master the basic techniques used in the World's culinary industry! Key Techniques - Part 1

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What you will learn

  • Master basic cooking techniques which can then be used to create an endless variety of dishes.

  • Understand the HOW of cooking, before thinking of the WHAT to cook.

  • Learn the ABC of cooking to international standards. The basic skills covered in the course are: chopping and blanching vegetables, butchering a whole chicken, making basic stocks, making mother sauces, correctly cooking eggs, rice and pasta.

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • All a student needs in order to benefit from this course is a genuine passion for cooking and interest in building sound technical skills in the kitchen.

Who is this course for

  • The course is addressed to both amateur and young professional cooks who want to start their journey in the kitchen from a solid foundation of cooking techniques and methods.


When one takes up cooking, the amount of information, recipes and suggestions can be overwhelming. It's easy to get lost in a sea of recipes, to spend time pondering WHAT to cook and miss one of the most important aspects when it comes to preparing a great meal - the HOW. The real success of a dish comes from correct preparation techniques just as much as it comes from high quality ingredients, flavour combinations or creative plating. 

In this course I gathered some of the most important 17 techniques that any cook, anywhere in the world, be they amateur or professional, absolutely needs to use in his kitchen. They have been developed and perfected over generations by professional chefs and, for many years, have been set as golden standards in international cuisine. 

I have done my utmost to make this an effective and pleasant experience for every student by combining clear practical demonstrations and useful information. This is just the first of a series of courses to follow, which I will develop taking into account all the feedback from my students and the topics they are interested in. 

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Chopping Onion

Classic Cuts Of Root Vegetables

Chopping Herbs

Blanching Green Vegetables

Blanching Root Vegetables

Making Vegetable Stock

Making Vegetable Cream Soup

Boiling Dry Pasta And Cooking "Aglio Olio"

Boiling Rice And Cooking Fried Rice

Making A Simple Omelette

Poaching Eggs

Butchering A Whole Chicken

Making White Chicken Stock

Making Mayonnaise

Making Hollandaise Sauce - Clarifying Butter

Making Roux And Bechamel Sauce

Making Brown Beef Stock


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Essential Cooking Skills

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