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The Parenting Breakthrough Experience

Be the change you want to see in your kids.

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What you will learn

  • Know what your purpose is and how to link this to everything you do for an inspiring, gratitude filled life

  • Know how to stop repeating negative cycles in your life

  • Understand and be able to manage stress in your life and parenting

  • Understand how your own and your child's mind work and how to use this to enhance communication and cooperation

  • Be able to fulfill your own and your child's needs consciously (and become addicted to your partner)

  • How to let go of unrealistic expectations on yourself, your partner and your child for more a more peaceful home

  • Let go of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Empower every area of your life - family, financial, spiritual, career, social, mental and physical

  • Be able to love yourself and your children exactly as you are

  • Understand emotions and how to work with them

  • How to connect with your own and your child's unique genius and how to learn effectively

  • Have all the skills you need to manage any challenges that come up in your life or parenting

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • An open mind and a willingness to learn

Who is this course for

  • Any parent who wants to raise an unlimited child

  • Any parent who would like to let go of their own baggage and limiting beliefs

  • Any parent who would like to understand themselves and their behavior better

  • Any parent who would like to understand their children better

  • Any parent who wants to know and live their purpose so that they can inspire their children

  • Any parent who wants to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their child


How would you like to know exactly what your purpose is? How would you like to minimize or even eradicate the negative effects of stress in your life and for your family? How would you like to do what you love and love what you do, and wake up every day feeling inspired and filled with gratitude? How would you like to understand yourself, your partner, your kids and your friends so that you can have deep, meaningful and respectful relationships with everyone in your life?

How would you like to be the person you’re hoping to raise your child into?

In this Parenting Breakthrough Experience I will help you to empower every aspect of your life and to clear out anything that is currently standing in your way.

I will help you to process your emotional baggage, to get rid of all of your limiting beliefs, to understand how your mind works so that you can easily fulfill your goals and keep growing and learning. I will help you to heal your past and to envision your future so that you can live with full presence in this moment and love every minute of your life. I will show you how fulfillment is right at your fingertips and how to reach out and grasp it. And then I will link all of this learning and change and show you how you can empower every area of your life.

SPIRITUAL – Understand your purpose in life and how to fulfill this in every moment of every day; how to let go of the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way; how to help your kids to see the bigger picture and navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs; and how to increase your gratitude and deepen your connection with the divine.

MENTAL – How to learn more effectively; how to help your kids to learn more effectively; understand emotions, what to do with them and how to transform them and how to get on top of stress; how to find and appreciate your unique areas of genius.

FINANCIAL – How to get out of debt; how to link your finances to your highest values to ensure that you achieve financial freedom; how to raise financially savvy kids.

CAREER – How to do what you love and love what you do; how to let go of guilt and shame for pursuing your career and not being a full time parent or for being a full time parent and not returning to work; how to wake up every day excited to go and be of service in whatever career you are in; how to get where you want to be in your career in the future and how you and your kids can set and achieve meaningful goals.

FAMILY – How to clear your past of negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that you can parent in the present moment with full confidence in your own choices. Find out why out-of-book parenting approaches don’t work and how you can parent your unique children effectively; find out why you and your partner always seem to have opposing ideas about parenting and how to find win-win solutions.

SOCIAL – How you can have a greater impact on the world and the people around you; how to manage your emotions and stress levels to ensure more meaningful relationships with friends, family and colleagues; how to deepen or save your marriage.

PHYSICAL – Get on top of all the basics of excellent physical health; find out why you and your kids get sick, how you can understand your bodies messages and what you can do about it; clear limiting beliefs holding you back from excellent health, losing weight, fitness or other physical goals.

What you will get here are simple, effective real-life changes and non-judgemental, practical advice that removes any blame and shame.

By empowering yourself you will become the ultimate role model for your kids to ensure that they, too, grow into successful, well-functioning adults in all areas of their lives. 

This is like having a reset button for your life – a chance to reboot with new improved programming that will allow you to be the best parent that you could possibly be – not because you’ve read all the books, but because you are living the life that you desire for them. You get to be the example of what is possible and how to achieve it; you get to be the change you want to see in your kids!

Here's what some of my past clients have had to say about this experience: 

“Mia, you have changed my view on my life. You've made me see my value, realise my worth and honestly changed my existence in ways I never thought possible. A breakthrough is too passive a word. My mind is blown! I'm forever grateful, Rob H"

“Most amazing experience of my life! Lisette S”

“Truly eye-opening and refreshing. Mia has given me the tools and insight to transform my life and handle life's obstacles. A really worthwhile process. I feel so inspired, uplifted and less burdened. Thank you, Mia!!!! Irene W”


Introduction to The Parenting Breakthrough

Introduction to your coach, Mia Von Scha

The Unconscious Mind

Why we need to work with the unconscious mind if we want real change

A brief look at physiology

How you create your reality

Our main 'reality filters'

What the unconscious mind is trying to do. Part One

What the unconscious mind is trying to do. Part Two

What the unconscious mind is trying to do. Part Three


What is stress really?

Living a stress-free life

Tricks for resolving stress for you and your kids

Psychological Needs

What are our essential needs?

Are you currently fulfilling your needs in negative or positive ways?

Unfulfilled needs vs perception

Values and Purpose


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