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Teach Music Full/ Part Time: Grow a Music Teaching Practice

Successfully launch, promote and sustain a rewarding music teaching career

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What you will learn

  • Make all or part of your living from running a professional, reputable music teaching practice

  • Find the right method of teaching for you

  • Divsersify your music teaching skills

  • Be able to teach music to individuals and groups

  • Target lessons to children, teenagers and adults

  • Promote your business and attract students

  • Put in place all the practical paperwork and insurance that you need

  • e aware of the diverse settings for music teaching to maximise your income

  • Give effective practice activities

  • Help students meet their musical goals

  • Teach online and offline

  • Run a music business which serves your community and achieves its support

  • Bonus: teaching on Udemy (unofficial)

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • You should want a rewarding and fulfilling career

  • You should love music and people

  • You should be competent in at least one instrument and at music theory

  • You should be able to relate well to individuals and groups

Who is this course for

  • Anyone who would like to establish a music teaching business either part time or full time


Do you want to make your living from teaching music full or part time? Do you want a  flexible, sustainable and really rewarding career?

This course will show you how how to establish a professional, reputable music teaching business and how to promote that business to recruit students and build a sustainable income.

Why Am I the Right Person to Help You?

I have been teaching music since 2005 and have a successful in person and online teaching practice. I hold a Master of Music degree and trained to teach singing with TOSINI (Teachers of Singing in Ireland). At present my youngest student is 7 and the oldest is 102! I also teach groups in university and community settings and I teach online. I would like to offer you my expertise to help you launch your business. If you take the time to learn about teaching methods and good business practices when starting your business, you are creating a path to success. If you already have a teaching practice and would like to expand it this in depth course will also help you.

What You Will Learn

Topics covered include 

  • Choosing your target students

  • Methods of teaching 

  • Diversify your music teaching skills

  • Teaching children, teenagers, adults and groups

  •  Practical resources and paperwork needed to teach

  •  Setting your payment rates and booking procedures

  •  Teaching privately versus teaching in music schools

  • Several places you may not have realised employ freelance music tutors

  • Promoting your business online and offline to recruit more students

  • How to stand out from your competition

We will also look at organisations who provide support, advice and professional development for music teachers.

By the end of the course, you should be able to plan and launch your own music teaching business.

You can get in touch at any time with any specific queries that you have for a supportive and friendly response.

Please enroll now to begin an exciting new chapter of your life. Udemy offers a 30 day refund policy so there is no risk in taking the course.


Introduction: Reasons to Teach

Before You Begin

Who and what will you teach?

Pros and Cons of Music Teaching


Your Teaching Methods

How We Arrive at Our Teaching Methods

Exam Focused Teaching

Goal Based Teaching

Group/Class Teaching

Teaching Children

Teaching Teenagers

Teaching Older Adults

Setting Homework/Practice Activities

Creating Opportunities for Students

Lessons Plans

Lesson Evaluations

Case Studies

What You Will Need in Place to Teach Music


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