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Learn Onshape for Beginners

Learn 3D CAD fast. Become confident in 3D design with this step by step course. Includes multiple design projects.

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  • Curriculum
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What you will learn

  • CAD

  • Design

  • 3D modelling

  • 3D design

  • Parametric modelling

  • modelling

  • 3d printing

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No prior experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know to be confident in using Onshape to create 3D models.

Who is this course for

  • Beginners wanting to learn 3D design

  • Teachers

  • Hobby users

  • homeschooler

  • University students

  • CAD users wanting to learn Onshape

  • Design enthusiasts


This course is ideal for beginners wanting to learn CAD.  Onshape is one of the world’s most popular online CAD packages and is FREE for education and home use. Developed by the founders of Solidworks, Onshape is unique in that it is accessed through a web browser. There is no need to download any software, everything is access through a web browser. If you have an interest in designing your own 3D models then this course will teach you the skills. After the first couple of tutorials, you'll ve straight into 3D modeling with ease.

There are 36 tutorials delivered by Phil Cotton, a High School Technology teacher in the UK, founder of learnbylayers and a certified CAD instructor. Phil has taught thousands of students and teachers the basics of 3D design. The course will build your skills from an absolute beginner, creating basic models to being confident in designing complex models, such as Iphone cases and Arduino cases.

Topics covered include;

  • Sketching 2D profiles and converting to 3D shapes

  • Adding dimensions

  • Projecting Sketches

  • Extruding shapes

  • Creating shells

  • Adding fillets

  • Adding holes

  • Creating chamfers

  • Offsetting workplanes

  • Editing sketches

  • Creating a section view

  • Creating sweeps, revolves and lofts

  • Designing models including brackets, vases, lampshade, iphones, iphone cases, door signs and Arduino cases.

This course will build your skills in creating 3D designs and will teach you a range of tips and tricks to designing 3D models.

Introduction - Onshape walk through


Lesson 2 - How to create a basic sketch

How to create a basic 3D shape.

Lesson 3 - How to add fillets and holes

How to add fillets and a hole

Lesson 4 - How to pattern holes

Lesson 4 - Patterning holes

Lesson 5 - Adding text to a model

Adding text to a model

Lesson 6 - How to export a file for 3D printing

Export as an STL file

Lesson 7 - Editing sketches

Introduction to editing sketches

Lesson 8 - Sketching a fidget spinner

Sketching a fidget spinner

Lesson 9 - Extruding and adding a chamfer

Adding chamfers and extruding

Lesson 10 - Adding workplanes

Adding workplanes using the offset feature


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