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Photo Colorization: Colorize Historical Photos in Photoshop

Learn how to add color to black & white photographs in Photoshop with this complete beginner colorization course!

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What you will learn

  • Learn how to properly colorize black and white photographs

  • Learn a fun & new skill

  • Improve your Photoshop skills

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Internet access

  • FREE trial or any other version of Photoshop

  • (optional) Wacom Bamboo stylus tablet

Who is this course for

  • People who love history

  • Photographers & Designers

  • People looking for a new hobby


You're here to learn how to colorize (aka add color) to black and white photographs, right?

Colorization makes us realize how vibrant and colorful life was before the advent of color photography.

It's great to have you here! I LOVE PHOTO COLORIZATION!

This is the perfect course if you've never done colorizations, never opened Photoshop, or even if you have some experience with Photoshop but want to learn this fun skill.

My Promise to You

I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

I want to make this the best course on how use Adobe After Effects. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I'll make it happen.

What's this course all about?

You'll learn how to:

  • get a free trial of Photoshop
  • set up the photoshop project for colorization
  • choose the right brush settings
  • add color
  • colorize skin, hair, eyes, backgrounds
  • save your images for sharing
  • and much more!

Included in the course are practice sessions, where you can watch me in real time. I go over everything I'm doing, while I'm doing it. Learn by following along! Included in the course are bonus materials for you to follow along and practice. These materials include:

  • practice photos
  • Photoshop templates
  • Coloring cheat sheet
  • Skin tone charts

You'll be coloring in less than 30 minutes! But there is a lot more material that goes in depth and helps you become proficient at colorization. If you're looking for a new skill or just want to have fun, please enroll in this course! It's fun, it's therapeutic, it's hip!

With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!



Course Overview

What's this course all about?

Colorization Tools

Course Resources

What is Photo Colorization? (in 4 minutes)

Colorization Tips

Setting Up Your Project

Choosing a Brush

Adding Color

Photo Colorization Basics

Coloring Skin

Coloring Hair

Coloring Eyes

Coloring Backgrounds

Saving Your Photos

Practice Colorization Sessions

Colorization 1 - WWII Photo

Colorization 2 - Aretha Franklin

Colorization 3 - Surprise!

Course Wrap Up


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