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Online Course Creation for Coaches and Consultants

Learn How to Easily Create an Online Course based on your Signature Coaching or Consulting Program

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What you will learn

  • Why Coaches and Consultants should create an online course based on their Signature Program or Proven Process

  • How to easily turn your Signature Program or Coaching/Consulting Process into an online course

  • How to name your course so it can be easily found by students looking to learn what you teach

  • How to record and edit your online course videos so they look and sound professional

  • How to price, launch, and market your course so you start enrolling students immediately

  • What to include in your online course, in addition to video lessons, to enhance your students' learning

  • 6 different video formats you can use, and how to decide what format(s) are best for your course

  • Where to get additional course ideas if you want to create more than one online course

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Established Coaching or Consulting business and a Signature Program or Process you know works for clients

Who is this course for

  • Established Coaches or Consultants with a Signature Program, or Coaching/Consulting Process that works

  • Established Coaches or Consultants who want to leverage their time, earn income, and help more people by creating an online course


Are you a Coach or Consultant who would like to leverage your time and create an online course that enables you to reach more people and earn more money than you can working with clients one-on-one or in small groups?

If you have a process you use in your Coaching or Consulting business--what I call a Signature Program--you're in an ideal position to leverage that process into an online course.

Hi, my name is Debbie LaChusa, and I started my first business as a marketing consultant back in 1998. After running that business for a few years, and learning what it takes to successfully build and market a business, I started helping other coaches and consultants build and market their businesses.

I created a Signature Program, a series of steps and processes that I took my private clients through, and over the years I perfected that process so it worked with each and every client (assuming they did the work, or course).

In 2013, I was recruited by Udemy to teach online, and I created my first online course, based on that proven Signature Program.

That course was an immediate success (even though it was my first online course) and it continues to outsell most of my other online courses to this day!

Of the additional 21 online courses I've created, my other top sellers are ALL based on my Signature Program.

That's how I know the most effective online course strategy for Coaches and Consultants, is to teach what they already know and do in their Coaching or Consulting Business.

In this course, I'm going to share with you the exact same process I use to create and market my online courses so you'll know exactly how to transform your Signature Program into a successful online course.

In this course I'm going to teach you how to:

  • Know what to teach, especially if you want to be successful and get great course reviews

  • Identify your perfect students so you can market effectively to them

  • Create Learning Objectives for your online course so your students understand exactly what they'll learn

  • Name your course so it can be easily found by students looking to learn what you teach

  • Create a Course Outline that will help facilitate the entire process of creating your online course

  • Record Course Videos that look and sound professional, and enable you to do virtual coaching or consulting

  • Edit Videos using iMovie video editing software (if you use a different program, the process will be similar)

  • Web Optimize your course videos (using free software) so they upload quickly

  • Choose the best Hosting Platform for you and your online teaching objectives

  • Upload and Setup your online course videos and supplemental materials (e.g. worksheets, exercises, handouts)

  • Market and Launch your course to start enrolling students immediately

  • Identify additional online course topics if you'd like to create more than one online course

You'll Also Learn:

  • What types of Exercises, Worksheets and Handouts you should include and why

  • The 6 different Video Formats you can use in your course so you can choose the ones that suit you best

  • Video guidelines to ensure your videos look and sound professional

  • What Recording and Editing Software and Equipment you'll need, and free resources you can use

  • The 2 Pricing Strategies for online courses, so you can choose the one that suits you best

This course includes Worksheets and Handouts--including a 28-page Marketing Your Online Course handout with how-to-instructions and examples of course marketing I've used to successfully market my online courses--to supplement your learning and make it easy for you to launch and market your online course.

I've been teaching on Udemy since 2013. I'm a Udemy bestseller. I've also created many different types of online courses (format and content) over the past 9 years. I even ran my own online course academy for 4 years. Through all that experience, I've learned what works best for teaching Coaching or Consulting content. And that's what I will teach you in this course.

I invite you to watch the Free Preview Videos so you can see my teaching style and learn more about what you'll learn in this course.

And if what you see and hear resonates, I encourage you to enroll today and learn how you can create an online course based on your Signature Program or Proven Coaching or Consulting Process.



My Philosophy on What to Teach

How to Get the Most out of this Course (don't skip this lesson!)

Preparing to Create Your Online Course

Defining Your Audience

Creating Learning Objectives

Naming Your Online Course

Creating Your Online Course Outline

Example: Transforming a Signature Program into an Online Course

Creating Supplemental Materials

Determine Video Format(s) You'll Use

Introduction to Video Formats

Presentation Video Example

Screencast Video Example

Stock Video Example

Mashup Video Example

Zoom Video Example

Choose Your Online Course Hosting Platform

Online Course Hosting Platforms - Udemy


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