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Motion Graphics: Design Animated Stickers For Social Media

stickers design, social media stickers, stickers animation, graphic design

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What you will learn

  • learn to illustrate the stickers for social media

  • learn to animate stickers for social media

  • learn basic animation expressions to speed up your work

  • learn to turn your animation into ready gifs

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • you will need to learn all you need easy to follow course

Who is this course for

  • anyone is passionate about expressing them selves on social media with stickers, anyone want to learn motion graphic and animation


The stickers animates make our conversations and digital interactions more exciting and fun Unleash your creativity by designing your own animated stickers from scratch and amplify your social media presence

Social media stickers take on a whole new meaning when they are made by your own it will hold your style, vision, and your creativity it will help you express your self as an artist with a fun way

in this class you will learn lot of important things in motion graphic and animation and bring your illustrations to life the easiest way

we will create a set of stickers of from the scratch to use on any platform

so you will learn :

study references stickers we will take a look on some stickers styles and what they are good for

draw ideas draft we will draw our ideas and chose categories that fit our style

generate color palettes we will learn how to chose a nice color palettes for our stickers

learn about illustrator tools we will take a look on some of the tools we will use before starting

illustrate the stickers we will use illustrator to design our stickers one by one and with each sticker we will learn new easy tips to create the aiming results

export stickers we will learn how to save our set to be ready to animate

learn about after effects tools we will learn about the tools we will use animating our sets

import stickers we will learn to import stickers to after effects the corrects way

start animating our stickers one by one and we will see many tricks and ways to do that and learn to smoothen our animation for better result

learn about some simple coding we will learn to use some coding to speedup our workflow and get some complex animation fast

export animation we will see how to export our animation from after effects

transform animation to gifs we will see the best way to turn our animation to gifs using photoshop and preview on web

last we will wrap up by talking about how to represent your set and upload to the platforms

this class is for all levels it's easy to follow and understand we will use

requirement for this class adobe illustrator, after effects and photoshop

so if you are ready to express your creativity through motion graphic art and animation join me to this class and i hope you enjoy it

welcome everyone


Study Steakers Infos

draw stickers ideas

Draw Stickers Ideas


Learn Illustrator Tools

Illustrate Love Sticker

Illustrate the Panda Stickers

Illustrate The Cat Sticker

Illustrate The Wok Sticker

Illustrate The Bomb Sticker

Illustrate The Popcorn Sticker

After Effects Tools

After Effects Tools

After Effects Expression

Learn After Effects Expression

Import Stickers To After ffects

Stickers Animations

Animate The Love Sticker

Animate The Panda Sticker


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