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Creating a Web App for iPad

Use standard web technologies to create an app-like experience for iPad. And best of all, no App Store required!

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What you will learn

  • NO APP STORES! Web Apps run form any web server

  • Capture a web experience into a Web App

  • Learn to work with CSS3 animations

  • Support standard and retina graphics

  • Make updates whenever you want

  • Incorporating HTML5 video for iPad

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Text Editor

  • Web-kit Browser

Who is this course for

  • Designers

  • Web Designers

  • Web Developers


This course will teach you to use standard web technologies to create an engaging, interactive user experience on the iPad.

We'll be creating an eSales Aid in the course, which is a popular use for sharing information about a company or product on tablet devices. However, the possibilities of this approach are limitless. Use standard web technologies to create interactive books, catalogs, or any interactive project you can imagine. If you can create it on the web, you can create it in a Web App.

And the best part is... no app stores!

Web Apps run from any web server, and are actually web sites themselves. The main difference is in the way they load information, and define behaviors. We'll cover creating custom icons and startup screens, optimizing the user experience for touch events, and using CSS3 hardware accelerated features for smooth animations.

What to expect in the course

In the course we'll start by creating web graphics with Photoshop, for both standard and retina screens. There is also a "skip Photoshop" folder as well, in case you want to bypass working in Photoshop. We'll also be using CSS3 to detect hi-definition displays (retina screens), as well as using CSS3 transform properties to position out HTML elements across the iPad screen.

The main focus of the course is the functionality needed for create an engaging user experience, which consists of JavaScript, as well as supporting HTML and graphics specific for the iPad interface. This course will teach you to code the core functionality of the Web App, while supplying plenty of code snippets to relieve you from any repetitive typing. Watch the first 4 videos in Lesson 1, they are all FREE, and provide an overview of the expectations, software, and final product we'll be creating.

The project files provided in this course include a copy of the fully completed final project. Use these files to track your progress, correct any errors you may be having, or more importantly, adapt the project into your own interactive Web Apps.


About this course

A few words before we begin

Software you’ll need to follow along

About the Project Files

Starting your project

Creating the Graphics

Creating the Web App-Specific graphics for iPad

Creating the content graphics

Creating the gallery images

Setting up the HTML

Examining the HTML and CSS strategy for the layout

Setting up the meta tags and icon link

Setting up the HTML containers

Adding container for iScroll and Google Map

Add navigation links and copyright

Add Style and Layout For Homepage and Navigation

Add CSS rules for style and layout

Add homepage positioning and animation for elements

Style the navigation links and copyright


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