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Midjourney Mastery: Unleashing Your Artistic Vision with AI

Learn from 0 everything you need to know about Prompts, Niji Mode, Parameters and Functions, Digital Art + Prompts Ex.

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What you will learn

  • What is Midjourney and how it works

  • What are the limitations and possibilities of digital art

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Midjourney

  • What is Niji Mode and how it works

  • The structure of a well-thought-out PROMPT

  • How EXPLORE works and what it helps you with

  • What are all the parameters and what do they do

  • Different abbreviations for too long prompts

  • How the algorithm works using each function separately

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Internet access

  • A phone or a laptop

  • No experience or understanding of Midjourney or AI is required. This course starts from the basics

  • You do NOT need other materials

Who is this course for

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Midjourney

  • Anyone who wants to understand how artificial intelligence works

  • Anyone who wants to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Midjourney

  • Anyone who is interested in digital art

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to write a PROMPT

  • Anyone who is interested in creating sensational images

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use AI for their own work

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Niji Mode

  • Anyone who wants to learn from zero all the functionalities that the platform offers

  • Anyone who wants to create 3D Characters

  • Anyone who is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and wants to understand more functionalities


Do you want to learn how Midjourney works?

Do you want to learn how to write PROMPTS effectively?

Do you want to learn how to create digital art?

Do you want to learn how you can use the functions to generate sensational images?

Do you want to learn the most important concepts used in Midjourney?

Do you want to learn how Niji Mode works and create ANIME characters?

Do you want to learn how to transform yourself into a 3D character?

Do you want to learn Midjourney Basics from 0 without spending a lot of time watching dozens of hours of tutorials?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, you should stop here. This is the right course for you!

This course is easy to understand and is designed in explainer video format to convey fundamental information about Midjourney in a way that makes everything clear and simple. You will receive detailed explanations with examples. The course starts by defining the platform and setting the first details, the functions and parameters that will give the images new details, and ends by experimenting with the most difficult prompts so that you can master the more complicated things.

Stop thinking, enroll up today and learn everything about Midjourney V5 and its possibilities!

This course is the best way to start learning about the Midjourney phenomenon.

Don't go on wondering "what would have happened if I had done it". You won't be disappointed, plus you get an unconditional 30 days money back guaranteed by Udemy. What have you got to lose?

You will get:

  •  Lifetime Access to The Course

  • Access the course from any online device

  • Clear explanations to make learning and studying easier

  • Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section

  • 30 days money back guaranteed by Udemy!

Stop thinking, enroll up today and learn from 0 How Midjourney Works!

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

What is the Purpose of the Course?

Midjourney - Is it right for you or not?

Digital Art- A new dimension of artistic expression

Midjourney Fundamentals

What is Midjourney and how it works

Update Midjourney V5.2 - PRO MODE

Who owns the commercial right

Explore – The place where you get your inspiration

Subscription Plan

Ethics - Navigating the Dilemmas of a Changing World

First Settings

Discord Account – Web Version

Discord Account – PC Version

Discord Account – Phone Version

Midjourney account

Full tour - Midjourney

How to add the Midjourney Bot to your server

Midjourney – The first settings before the first prompt


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