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Masterclass on How to Create a BESTSELLING Online Course

Learn EVERYTHING (teaching, editing, marketing, etc.) about course creation from someone who sold 30.000+ courses.

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What you will learn

  • Learn six years’ worth of knowledge about creating online courses in four and a half hours

  • How to create and come up with a great course name, description, and lecture titles to make your course sell better

  • Advice and tools on how to find the right course topic

  • How to set up a professional yet inexpensive filming studio

  • Learn how to edit and assemble your course like a true professional

  • How to effectively outline and structure your course

  • 3 crucial mistakes that great teachers know to avoid

  • Every necessary piece of equipment, software, and program needed to build and create your course

  • How to promote your course and strategies to increase sales

  • Learn the 6 different styles of creating courses and which ones work best for you

  • 3 golden ingredients of a bestselling course

  • Marketplaces and self-hosting: Which are the best platforms to use?

  • Learn how to build a steady stream of passive income with sales funnel infrastructure and how to attract daily traffic

  • How to launch your course without an audience, growing from nothing to a huge following

  • Learn how I consistently earn 5-star ratings with my professional teaching method

  • The recipe for a good promotional video that will significantly help drive students to your course

  • I could keep going! This is just a few of the many things you will learn!!!

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No need for any requirements. The course will teach and answer every possible question you may have on how to create a bestselling course!

  • If any questions have been left unanswered, please make use of the Q&A tab. I am here for you as an instructor 😊.

Who is this course for

  • For those who want an easy-to-follow yet in-depth course, with an active instructor to whom you can ask questions

  • People looking to create their very first course

  • If you want to make a full-time living from creating online courses

  • Those looking to become even better in creating courses



"I've watched a couple of "How to create a Udemy Course" classes so far...some free, and a couple paid. This is the best. Deep, patiently laid out details from the very beginning idea for a class to how to create a countdown discount during your first launch month to encourage early ratings. Great Stuff...thank you Jellis for doing the deep dive to share with us. I'll send you a notice once I get my first course up." - D J.

"Wonderful course. I really enjoyed the process. Great effort . Well explained. Thanks alot for such an amazing course content and excellent delivery of lessons." - Kalaivani

"This is definitely one of the best courses I've taken regards course creation. Very informative and clear. I love it!" - Idit N.


Creating a high-quality course isn’t an easy task and takes time, especially if you’ve never done this before and must figure everything out by yourself.

But no stress!

You’ve landed on the right course to turn this idea of yours into reality.

Over the years, I have created multiple bestselling courses. You can check them out on my profile.

I have a proven expertise in building quality courses, and I know perfectly how to create a course of high value.

In this course on how to create a bestselling course, I will teach you EVERYTHING I have learned over the past several years.

This is a course that covers the whole process of creating a course, from start to finish, explaining in-depth how to:

  • How to Effectively Script and Outline Your Course

  • Three Mistakes to Avoid to Be a Great Teacher

  • How to Easily, But Professionally, Edit Your Course

  • All the Necessary Equipment, Software, and Programs You Need to Create a Course

  • How to Promote Your Course and Strategies to Increase Sales

…And sooooooooooo much more.

This is THE COURSE that I wished someone would have made back when I was just starting out, so that I did not have to make all the mistakes I did back then.

Luckily for you, you have the chance right now to be smarter! And to start off with the right knowledge and information on how to create not just a good course, but a bestselling one!

Here are a few more points about what you will learn:

  • The 6 Different Styles of Creating Courses

  • The 3 Golden Ingredients to Create a Bestselling Course

  • The Two Types of Backgrounds to Use in your Course

  • Marketplaces and Self-Hosting: Which Are the Best Platforms to Use?

If you are indeed looking to create your very first course or improve your knowledge of how to make your next course better, I am 100% confident that this is the course that will help you significantly in creating your course.

Here are even more things you will learn:

  • The Importance of Having a Great Course Name, Description, and Lesson Titles

  • How to Create Great Course Lessons

  • Which Topic Do I Teach? Advice and Tools on How to Find a Good Course Topic

  • How to Set up your Filming Studio Correctly

  • Keep Improving Your Course - How to Receive Feedback


I could keep going, sharing with you all the great content that awaits you, but let’s not waste time and leave this idea of yours hanging around in your head much longer.

Let’s start and get on to the action! I am excited to have you here. I hope to see you soon in our very first lesson, as you begin your journey of turning this course idea of yours into reality.


Welcome - Introduction

Welcome - Introduction



Is It Still Worth It to Teach an Online Course?

The Top 3 Reasons for Creating a Course


The 3 Golden Ingredients to Create a Bestselling Course

Which Topic Do I Teach? Advice and Tools on How to Find a Quality Course Topic

The 6 Different Styles of Creating Courses

1. Talking Head Shots

2. Illustrations/Images/Slide Show with Voice over

3. Demonstrating

4. Screencast Courses

5. Video Footage

6. Animation

Combine At Least Two Styles in a Course: Here is Why

How to Effectively Script and Outline Your Course

How to Effectively Script and Outline Your Course

How to Script Your Course the Right Way


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