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Accelerated Learning: Study Skills for Success: IT industry

Learn: Study Skills, Certification Techniques, Continuous Learning, Productivity, Focus, Time Management, Goal Setting

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What you will learn

  • How to efficiently use your time and mental resources to receive any IT certification in record time.

  • How to implement new learning strategies, enhance your capabilities, and maximize productivity for the most efficient IT learning.

  • How to maintain continuous learning systematically and methodologically.

  • How to learn IT

  • How to study IT

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No prerequisites

Who is this course for

  • IT Professionals

  • IT Students

  • Self Learners


"My expectations were low having been disappointed by other "how to learn" courses. Really wanted practical "meat" on learning how to become a better programmer. WOW this course has blown me away. If you're looking for specific guidance for IT learning especially where hands-on practice is essential – this is it.", Rick Sline

"Really interesting concepts and to the point. I thought, "what could I really learn in less than 2 hours?" Turns out a lot. Thank you for putting this course together", Lubomir Ivanov

A career in IT has its unique challenges. The half-life of IT skills is shortening at an ever- accelerating pace. Change is the only constant in IT.

Our value as IT professionals depends not only on our skills and knowledge at any given point in time but on how good we are at continuous learning, keeping up with change.

The Accelerated Certification Techniques offer a disruptive new approach to maintaining continuous learning, supercharging new information acquisition, and keeping up with the ever-changing world of IT.

The Accelerated Certification Techniques will ensure you:

✅ Can efficiently minimize the time and resources required to get a new certification and qualify for a higher salary.

✅ Escape the overwhelming situation of constant learning demand and implement a continuous learning system that REALLY works.

✅ Supercharge your IT learning efficiency to increase productivity, improve results, and diminish the time spent ineffectually.

Become A Supercharged IT Learner In A Few Hours

In the IT industry fueled by the constant demand for more, you can only stay afloat by implementing efficient techniques that boost your learning capabilities. We've designed the Accelerated Certification Techniques course as a learner's handbook for any IT professional striving to be among the best experts in the field.

☑️ Get 1.5 hours of "quick to value" on-demand video covering IT learning A-Z.

☑️ Delve into the science of learning and cover study techniques both in theory and in practice.

☑️ Accelerate your learning up to SuperSpeed and get certified every step of the way.

Don't miss your chance to acquire extraordinary learning techniques, get authentic study tips, and discover a whole new world of learning, completed with fulfilled opportunities, successful and profitable results, and increased IT proficiency.


"Just what I needed! Everyone talks about grinding but nobody really tells you how to do it right. Perfect for those overwhelmed like myself", Ashlesha Muktan

"The author has a vast knowledge about science behind learning. I was genuinely surprised that it wasn't just another mindless course which has been copied and pasted from the docs". Marcin Mendlik

"From motivation, to taking action to real study tips, this course is awesome!", Adrian Rodriguez

"I think it's so good so far It made me realize I was setting goals really badly and I'm looking forward to change this",  Abdullah Can ÖZ

"Fantastic course, lots of useful knowledge and great tips. In my opinion, the best course in this category on Udemy. Thank you and best regards to the creator", Damian Starzec

"Short course but packed with a lot of useful information. I did learn something unexpected from it, but it's relevant to IT pros and anyone who wants to pursue IT fields. Clear instruction, engaging instructor, easy to understand, and videos are kept brief to maintain maximum attention. He also presented familiar material repackaged in a way different than what I learned elsewhere. Presentation is a good balance of simple and complex", Sheri F

"Excellent. Am super impressed. I knew alot of the techniques like Spaced repeatition, anki, promodoro, etc but still, very good tutoring and straight to the point. I love how he referenced all the nonfiction books he used", Emmanuel Ojambo

"Very inspiring course", Peter Malmuo

Certifications: How to set the stage for super speed learning?

Why certifications are the best way to learn IT skills?

What are the top paying IT certifications?

How to choose a motivating and future proof certification path?

Where to start for the biggest return on investment?

How to build and maintain momentum for learning?

How to set goals so that they actually materialise?

What defines how we behave and the results?

It is all about the mindset!

External motivation and hidden cost of doing nothing

Circles of influence: How to learn optimism?

Linear, Logarhitmic and Exponential growth

What makes the effort meaningful?

How to automate the learning?

How to keep on exponential learning path?

How to feel and perform at your best?

Theory: Science of Learning and Certification

Top 3 not well known basics of learning

The biggest misunderstanding about learning

The secret of permanent learning


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