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Leadership & Management Skills: 2-in-1 Masterclass

Management Skills Zero To Hero 101 PLUS Leadership: Diversity, Ethics, Action Leadership, Empathy, Leadership Of Self

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What you will learn

  • How you can lead without authority or being a manager of other people

  • The importance of being centred in your own life to develop self-leadership

  • Leadership skills to help you have more impact and influence

  • Practising self-leadership by living and acting independently

  • How to be a leader of self before you can leader other people

  • Small group leadership that is built on relationships and trust

  • How to lead large groups of people consisting of multiple teams

  • How to act now to ensure a successful journey of leadership

  • Improve your own success by lifting and serving others to achieve more

  • The first practice of self-leadership is to control your thoughts

  • Develop thoughts that are positive, uplifting and contribute to the world

  • Avoid self-doubt, hesitant thinking and wavering thought processes

  • Practice public praise and private criticism with deep understanding of others

  • Being able to take meaningful initiative is critical for self-leadership

  • Convert positive, purpose driven thinking into self-directed action

  • Achieve more by worrying less about who gets the credit

  • Be intrinsically motivated to become a better leader of self & others

  • Develop a growth mindset to learn from challenges & see opportunities

  • How Nelson Mandela was inspired by Invictus "I am the master of my fate"

  • "Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power" Art Of War

  • Leadership of small groups and teams of people in the workplace

  • How to build relationships in small teams by being vulnerable & authentic

  • Be obsessively helpful to other people in a group to increase leadership

  • Lead by serving other people to achieve their goals as part of the team's purpose

  • Communicate and act in a broader context and vision than the group

  • Learn to see the value the team creates and lift people to work towards it

  • In formal positions of leadership, make time to lead and invest in skills

  • Delegate your own work to empower your team and prevent overload

  • Make time for other people and ensure you are approachable

  • Build people's confidence by recognising all contributions and role players

  • Create an empowering environment in which the team can self-organise

  • Help the team to become independent of you for decisions & direction

  • Leading large groups of multiple teams requires you to lead leaders

  • Empower your management team to be authentic and express their own style

  • Display servant leadership and be self-critical in front of others

  • Proactively ask for specific feedback from people to drive engagement

  • Don't undermine people's trust by encouraging blame and fault finding

  • Don't sweat the small stuff when you lead large groups of people

  • Inspire people above their day to day workload and challenges

  • Leadership styles, the benefit of each leadership style, and how to use different styles in different team scenarios and situations

  • Autocratic, Authoritative, Pace-Setting, Democratic, Coaching, Affiliative, and Laissez-Faire Style of Leadership

  • Empathy, the benefits of leading with empathy, and the strategy to lead effectively with empathy

  • Compassion, Emotional Intelligence, Open & Transparent Communication, Active Listening, and Optimism are covered to help you lead with empathy

  • Action, learn how to lead with action centric leadership and use action to produce results

  • Learn how to be an action-minded leader, organise teams, and inspire everyone to take action

  • Diversity, use the power of diversity to drive innovation, creativity, performance, and personal growth

  • Learn to be an inclusive leader and to encourage diversity. Learn from our real life examples of working in diverse teams, cultures, and countries

  • Ethics, the importance of ethical leadership and traits of an ethical leader, as well as consequences of failure of ethics

  • Principles of ethical leadership such as Honesty, Justice, Respect, Community, Integrity, and Appropriate Conduct.

  • Resilience, the characteristics of resilient leaders, and the strategies and prices of resilient leadership

  • Resilient leadership strategies, such as Perspective, Emotional Intelligence, Exercise, Overcoming Fears, Driving Forces, Business Rules & Breathe

  • Skills, Story-telling, and Self-Leadership, learn the power of communicating and connecting using stories. Connect with a vision using your emotions

  • Learn what makes a great leader, including vulnerability, blanking intelligence and emotional quotient, giving autonomy, and lifting team to a higher purpose

  • High performing business leaders, that have set examples in Leadership and we can learn from their best practices and accomplishments

  • Learn from business leaders like Elon Musk, Jamie Dimon, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ray Kroc, Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Warren Buffet

  • Inspiring authors of leadership, books on leadership that contain years of experience and learnings to help us learn the best practices of leadership

  • Learn from best leadership books such as dare to lead, no bullshit leadership, leaders eat last, strengths-based leadership, no rules rules, and many more

  • People, we can learn from leaders who have led revolutions and inspired millions, their style of leadership will help us inspire and motivate our teams

  • We cover leaders from real life locations such as Lord Admiral Nelson, Sir Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and many more

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No course requirements or prerequisites

Who is this course for

  • Anyone wanting to become a better leader at any level

  • Students that desire more impact and influence

  • This course is a requirement for everyone. Leadership is an important skill in every aspect of life.


"This course gives you simple yet effective ways of developing yourself as a leader. It uses real and practical examples to assist your understanding and empowers you to implement your learnings in your career." - Catia Borello

"Peter goes through his concepts very thoroughly. He also explains them from having a lot of experience in leadership. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is starting out their career to those already in leadership roles." - Leo B.

"This course gives you simple yet effective ways of developing yourself as a leader. It uses real and practical examples to assist your understanding and empowers you to implement your learnings in your career." - Catia B.

"A topic of this magnitude was broken into smaller, easy to understand and implement, to ultimately lead better." - Raymond K.

"This is an excellent course, clearly delivered with practical insights as to how to be a leader. I love the idea that I must first learn to lead myself. I will start working on that, and then be better able to lead the committees I chair to actually get results. Thank you Peter for so generously sharing your own experiences and learnings." - Janet A.

"A very insightful course on the leadership of self, of teams, and being a leader of a team that leads teams. This course explores the different levels of leadership and how you can be a better leader at each level." - Sizwe Ndaba

This course takes you through 3 levels of leadership: self, others and larger groups. At any stage of your career you will need to learn leadership skills to maximise your impact and influence on people around you. Achieve more success in your life by being a better leader and learn those skills in these lessons which will keep you engaged, active and learning valuable skills all the way through.

I've spent 25 years in the workplace and had many different leadership roles on projects, in operational functions, leading large teams and very often influencing in all directions to get things done and be successful. I'm passionate about leadership and this course will give you exactly what I've learned from all my experience of leadership.

Whats in the course?

  • Engaging 1:1 lessons teaching you practices and principles about being a leader of self, others and larger groups

  • Activities that will get you to put these lessons into daily practice and see immediate value from what you have learnt

  • Quizzes that test your knowledge of what you have learned to ensure you retain these insights after the course

  • A leadership assignment at the end of the course that puts you on a trajectory for successful leadership in the workplace

  • A walkthrough my own career where I show you on my LinkedIn profile exactly what my leadership credential are

  • An overview wipeboard lesson which maps out your journey of leadership and gives you context before diving in to the lessons

  • Worksheets for each level of leadership so that you can download and refer to these skills and insights in future

  • A place to introduce yourself to other students in the course and see what everyone else is learning and achieving

  • Direct contact with myself to ask questions and get assistance, plus I'll be giving you feedback on your assignment

I wish you well with your leadership journey! This course will give you the skills you need to be more successful in your career by having more impact and influence - I look forward to seeing you in the lessons.

Introduction To The Course - Welcome To Your Amazing Learning Journey!

The Role of a Manager in the Modern Workplace

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Introduction to Management: Understanding Your Role

Key Skills and Competencies of Successful Managers

Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Manager

Identifying and Developing Your Leadership Style

Balancing Leadership and Management Responsibilities

Quiz 1

Communication: How to Effectively Communicate as a Manager

Understanding the Basics of Effective Communication

Active Listening: A Key Communication Skill for Managers

Communicating with Different Personality Types

Managing Difficult Conversations and Conflicts

Navigating Cultural Differences in Communication

Quiz 2

Constructive Feedback: Providing and Receiving Feedback

The Importance of Feedback in the Workplace

Providing Effective Feedback to Your Team Members


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