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Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen

With DIY Food Photography, you'll be taking better photos in no time with what you have in your own kitchen!

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What you will learn

  • Take beautiful photographs of food in your home.

  • Compose a variety of mouth-watering food photographs that tell your food's story

  • Create a unique setting and style for your own food photography

  • Control natural light in your home to shoot better photographs

  • Edit your food photographs to make them look even better

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Students don't need any experience with photography or preparing food.

  • Students should have a smartphone or camera that they can use to practice shooting their own food photographs.

Who is this course for

  • Food bloggers

  • Foodies - anyone that loves food

  • Home chefs - anyone that loves to make food

  • Photographers looking to learn how to shoot food photographs

  • This is NOT a course about fancy studio shoots. This is a DIY food photography course for anyone that wants to learn how to take better photos of their food at home.


With DIY Food Photography, you'll be taking better photos of your food in just an hour.

Every lesson is hands on, and shows you how to use resources right in your home to create delicious, mouth-watering images. We'll walk you through the entire process, and we're available if you have any questions along the way.

Whether you're a food blogger, self-proclaimed master chef, or just an Instagram foodie, this course will give you the skills needed to take professional food photos.

Impress your family and friends with great photos of your food creations!

Steps to great food photography that you'll learn in this course:

  1. Pick the best location for your photos. 
  2. Prepare and style your food and setting.
  3. Light your food with inexpensive tools like a white sheet and $1 poster board. 
  4. Choose the best camera and settings.
  5. Compose 4 types of shots to get all the best angles.
  6. Edit your photos to make them look even more tantalizing!

Tell your food's story!

Our goal is to teach you how to take better photos of your food with any camera, wherever you are. After walking you through the basics, you'll see us shoot 5 different food and drink setups that will inspire you to take your own food photos.

Bonus: Everyone who enrolls gets a composition cheat-sheet that shows how to compose your shots.

Enroll now to get started! We can't wait to see you inside!

Will Carnahan & Phil Ebiner

Dive in to Food Photography

Course Introduction | Food Photography Course

Join the Official Student Photography Group | Food Photography Course

Choose a Location | Food Photography Course

Design Your Food and Setting | Food Photography Course

Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience | Food Photography Course

Light Your Food | Food Photography Course

Camera Options: Smartphone vs. Fancy Camera | Food Photography Course

iPhone vs. Mirrorless Camera | Food Photography Course

Camera Settings (for people with cameras that can contro manual settings)

Compose Your Shots | Food Photography Course

Edit Your Photos | Food Photography Course

Exercise: Photograph Your Next Meal | Food Photography Course

COURSE BREAK: Check Out Our Ultimate Resource for New Photographers

Food Photography Demonstrations

Practice: Cereal | Food Photography Course

Practice: Morning Coffee | Food Photography Course

Practice: Key Lime Tart | Food Photography Course

Practice: Tomato Soup | Food Photography Course

Practice: Beer | Food Photography Course


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Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen

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