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Entertaining & Dining

Don't Dine and Dash- Learn Everything there is to know about casual, formal and asian dining as well as Wine Etiquette

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What you will learn

  • Dining Manners

  • Understanding & using the correct cutlery

  • Setting the table

  • Wine tasting, pairing & ordering

  • Business entertaining

  • Home entertaining

  • Fine dining manners

  • Different dining styles & service

  • Dining tutorials

  • Foods you can eat with your hands

  • Know the difference between Continental, American and Asian dining

  • How to manage yourself over a six course meal

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No prior experience needed!

Who is this course for

  • Every person, socialites, business people, home executives, personal assistants, CEO's, MD's, home entertainers, etiquette trainers, travellers, chinese tourists


Do you ever feel anxious about going to a dining event? More than that, do you often wish you didn't have to go to that dining event at all?

Do you worry that you won’t know what to do with the maze of cutlery in front of you?

Maybe you kind of know what’s going but you’re pretty sure you’re doing more than a couple of things wrong? (Remember, don’t maintain eye contact when you’re taking a sip from your glass- it's creepy)

Do you ever get sweaty palms when you think about throwing a dinner party maybe for friends, new friends, work colleagues, your partner’s work colleagues, or your boss?

How about using chopsticks? Have you ever been faced with the humiliation of trying to use chopsticks especially when that piece of slippery food drops into your soya sauce and splatters all over your shirt?

Or maybe you just want to feel like the most elegant and in control person around the table because believe it or not, it’s possible.

If you share similar concerns to those above, then you’re definitely ready to take our Entertainment & Dining Course.

What you’ll learn

Dining Manners

  • What not to do at the table

  • World-class dining manners for continental and American dining

Understanding & using the correct cutlery

Setting the table for multiple courses

  • Reading your place setting as a map for the meal

Managing yourself confidently over a multiple-course meal

Wine tasting, pairing & ordering

Entertaining clients in a restaurant

Restaurant choice and location

  • Table location and seating

    • Handling orders

    • Ordering wine

    • Indicating hospitality limits

    • Host Duties

    • Guest Duties

Home Entertaining

  • Items to prepare before your guests arrive

    • How to set the home up to receive guests

    • Things to do once guests have arrived

    • Closing the evening off politely

Fine dining manners

Different dining styles

  • American vs Continental

Different Styles of Service

  • French, British, Russian & Buffet Service

Dining tutorial

Foods you can eat with your hands

Know the difference between Continental, American and Asian dining

How to manage yourself over a six-course meal

Selecting appropriate wines and tasting them

What’s super cool about this course is that you will learn all of the following things:

  • Things that make you look like an animal at the table

  • Things that make you look pretty sensational at the table (I need all the help I can get)

  • The simple soup spoon vs the slurp

  • Who's eaten my bread roll and where’s my wine glass gone?

  • What is this piece of cutlery even used for?

  • Where do I start with this maze of cutlery?

  • Can I go caveman-style and eat this meal with my hands? (There’s a lot more caveman style meals than you think)

  • How do I behave around my boss, client, and the dining table?

  • How do I (even) entertain clients at a restaurant?

  • How do I use these thin sticks they call chopsticks?

  • Mmmmmm, this wine tastes good but why is everyone doing a ritual with it?

In other words, you’ll be super cool and confident at every table you find yourself around- you will have all the dining knowledge to work a casual meal, hotshot formal dinner, Asian dining and entertaining people in your very own castle- your home. Now you can focus on being the star of the show or the quietly confident person in the corner. It works for everyone!

You’re bound to learn a lot more than you think.

You eat every day of your life, and eating with people is one of your favorite things to do right? (or maybe just mine?) So why not make sure you’re doing it right so that you really soak up the enjoyment of that moment instead of knocking over glasses of red wine.

What’s in the Course:

  • How to identify cutlery, what it’s used for and when to use it. (No brushing your hair with a fork like The Little Mermaid- ultimate shame!)

  • Things you’ve been doing wrong forever around the table

  • The dining do’s and how to give a show stopping performance around the table

  • Setting the table for 1, 2 and even 6 meals (the knife is always on the right hand side by the way)

  • How to use 14 pieces of cutlery and when you should actually use them. (Outside in, right?)

  • Using a finger bowl correctly and not drinking the enticing hot lemon water)

  • You’ll learn swanky words like ‘Amuse Bouche’

  • How to host fabulous House Parties (and by house parties we mean ‘Dinner Parties’)

  • Entertaining your clients or other serious business people

    • Things like where do you seat them- away from the toilets should be your first guess

    • How do you choose the right restaurant- steakhouses for vegetarians may not work out

    • How to indicate that the Lobster Thermidor is way out of your budget range without looking like a pauper

    • Avoid the awkward moment when the bill arrives, better yet, just don’t let the bill come to the table

  • Chopsticks! No more looking like you’re trying to tame a praying mantis

  • Dining in an Asian restaurant- did you know that flipping your fish over to retrieve the underside of the fish fillet means that you wish the boat that caught the fish will flip over? That might be the end of that new friendship

How the Course Works

The course is broken down into 5 chapters.

Chapter 1: Identifying Cutlery & Setting the Table

Dining 2: Dining Do’s and Dining Don’t Ever Do That Again

Dining 3: Asian Dining & Chopsticks

Dining 4: Dinner Parties and Home Entertaining

Dining 5: Business Entertaining

Each chapter consists of:

Your Video Lesson





Dining Tutorial Part 1- Identifying Cutlery, Setting the Table & Correct usage

Setting the table & Managing different courses

Dining Taboos & Manners at The Dining Table

Dining Manners: Silent Signals & Napkin Etiquette

Asian Dining

Wine Etiquette & Tasting

Entertaining in Your Home

Business Entertaining & Dining

Final Exam


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