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Defining UI Colour Palette

Choosing UI colours for the websites, web and mobile apps.

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What you will learn

  • Principles behind the great colour palette

  • Understand different types of colours required for the UI

  • Creating a comprehensive UI colour palette

  • Be able to check colours for accessibility

  • Colour psychology and emotions associated with different colours

  • Understand better your brand personality

  • How to pick colours that match your brand personality

  • Why you will need multiple variations of the same colour

  • How to define multiple variations of each colours

  • Learn how to apply colour to your product

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No prior design knowledge or experience is required

  • No knowledge of any tools is required

Who is this course for

  • Designers, Developers and Entrepreneurs


In this course, I will share with you the step-by-step process of picking the UI colours for a website, web or mobile app. By the end of this course, you will be able to define a UI colour palette that will make your product look much more aesthetically pleasing and professionally designed.

This course is aimed at designers, developers, entrepreneurs or anyone who needs to pick colours for a digital product. You don’t need to have any prior design knowledge for this course.

This is not a boring colour theory course. This course is concise and to the point, cutting all the unnecessary fluff. The lessons are highly practical, and filled with real-life examples. I will be using a hiking web app called Epictrails, as an example to demonstrate the process of defining UI colours in a real-life project, so that you can follow along and repeat the process for your product.

We will cover in this course:

  • Principles behind a great colour palette

  • Break down and understand the different colour types required for the UI

  • How to ensure that your colours are accessible

  • Help you define the brand personality

  • How to pick colours that match your brand personality

  • Creating a comprehensive and professional UI colour palette

  • Learn how to apply colour to UI

  • Tools and resources that will speed you up and help you to define colours for your palette.


Course Project

Colour groups inside the palette

Principles of Colour Usage (I)

Principles of Colour Usage (II)

Colour Accessibility

Step 1: Define your brand identity

Step 2: Colour Psychology

Step 3: Finding the Right Shade

Defining Primary Colour Palette

Defining Secondary Colour (I)

Defining Secondary Colour (II)

Defining Neutral Colours

Defining Semantic Colours

Applying Colour Palette to UI


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