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Business Branding With Personality: Build An Authentic Brand

The Business Branding Strategy That Empowers Your Brand To Connect With Personality On A Human Level

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What you will learn

  • Develop an authentic brand personality with a scientific framework based on your audience

  • Identify Your Audience Personality Type In Order To Build Your Brand Personality Around It

  • Understand Why Your Customers Expect More From Your Brand Communication

  • Build A Personality Foundation Around Who Your Audience Is

  • Expand Your Personality To Have Attitude, Opinions And An Outlook On Life

  • Integrate Your Personality Into Your Brand Voice, Language And Tone

  • Create Content And Copy With The Tone, Language And Attitude Of Your Brand

  • Apply Your Brand Personality To Marketing Strategy, Touch points And Communication

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Understanding of some basic branding and marketing terms

Who is this course for

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Who Want To Connect With Their Audience On A Human Level

  • Designers And Strategists That Want To Bring Their Brands To Life

  • Anyone Who Wants To Better Understand The Different Human Personalities, And How To Resonate With Them

  • Brand Managers that want to evolve their brand to become more human

  • Marketing managers that want to learn techniques to enhance their strategies


You’re here because you want to build a business brand that engages people, makes deep human connections and builds a following.


Maybe your building a business brand for the first time or maybe you design brands for a living and your but you want to be more strategic to further your career and build brands with substance that are more than just visuals.

You want strategies that allow your business branding to


·      Look

·      Feel

·      Sound

·      Behave

·      Think

·      And Act


Differently to other brands and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.

Brand Management is all about understanding who your audience is, what they feel and how they behave and using that information to strategically relate your brand to their lives.


If you search for a Marketing Strategy, you will find hundreds of examples but none will show you how to speak to your audience with a tone of voice, language, characteristics and personality that will allow you to resonate with who they are as a person, which ultimately leads to subconscious buying decisions.

And that's what business branding is all about. The best marketing strategy of today will be gone tomorrow, but brands that build their relationships through human and emotional connections, stand the test of time.

Business Branding with personality is built on Archetypes. It is not a Marketing Hack. It's a science based on thousands of years of research.


·      How do the world’s biggest brands get their audience top feel something for them?

·      How do you develop a personality that makes your brand feel like a real person?

·      How can you apply this personality throughout your brand so you make your audience feel something towards you?




If you want to understand your audience on a deeper level, their fears, desires, characteristics and behaviours, and you want to build a brand personality that engages them on an emotional level, then this is the course for you.

One of the first considerations when building a business brand and a business strategy should be; how do I connect with my audience in a way that seems organic and natural. So the see the business like a person.


In this course you’ll learn the science behind why personality is the key for business brands to human engagement and the framework that the biggest brands in the world use in order to develop their personalities that connect with their audience.


The businesses and brands that make emotional connections with their audience do so on a uniquely human level. Brands are evolving into human personas that are connecting with their audience on a much more personal level.


Your customers don’t want broadcast communication in a generic voice with little to no personality. They want their brands to connect with them with an authentic personality that they can relate to.


The most loved brands in the world use a scientific personality framework as part of their brand strategy in order to make those emotional connections.


Brand Archetypes have been used by storytellers and filmmakers for generations in order to make their audience feel something for their characters and that’s exactly what we’ll be diving into in this course. We'll uncover where brand archetypes have come from and their scientific background and how they are applied in business strategy as brand archetypes in order for brands to connect with their audience.


You’ll Learn


·      How consumers connect on an emotional level

·      The two emotional states that brands look to tap into

·      Why personality is the future of business branding

·      The evolution of consumer brand relationships and where they’re going

·      How to develop a brand personality using a scientific framework

·      How to expand that personality so that it feels human

·      How to apply your personality across all your marketing touch points



This course is jammed full of examples as well from big and small brands


I’ve designed this course for anyone looking to build a brand or anyone looking to connect with their audience in an engaging way. I’ve created easy to follow, visually appealing and illustrated lessons that keep you engaged and help you take action.


By the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to develop a brand personality designed to evoke a specific desire or emotion from your audience which you can use to influence your brands visual identity, including your:


·      Typography

·      Colour Palette

·      Images Style



You’ll also be able to express your personality across every single touch point that your audience has with your business brand including:


·      Website copy

·      Social media posts

·      Advertisements

·      Blog Posts

·      Packaging

·      Videos

·      Customer Service

·      Lead Magnets


As you’ll learn, every single one of these touch points is an opportunity to give your audience a positive experience with your brand, which they subconsciously store which influences their buying decisions.


There are also a tonne of downloadable interactive pdfs, worksheets and case studies to help you capture information, develop your personality and bring that personality to life.


By the end of this course you’ll be able to


·      Understand Why Your Customers Expect More From Your Brand Communication

·      Identify Your Audience Personality Type

·      Build A Personality Foundation Around Who Your Audience Is

·      Expand Your Personality To Have Attitude, Opinions And An Outlook On Life

·      Integrate Your Personality Into Your Brand Voice, Language And Tone

·      Apply Your Personality Across All Marketing Touch-points

·      Develop an authentic brand personality with a scientific framework based on your audience



I truly believe that the information in this course will help your business brand to engage with your audience on a much more human and emotional level. This detailed level of brand management leads to human connections that will ultimately lead to your brands success.


Thank You And Welcome

Brand - Customer Relationships Have Human Roots

What You'll Learn

Learn From Old Fashioned Branding

How We All Connect

Identify Your Audiences Emotional States

EXAMPLES: Loved Brands Use Heart Branding

Discover Different Levels Of Emotion

CASE STUDY: Every Budget Can Connect

Discover The Human Brand And Identify Who You're Connecting With

How Brand Consumer Relationships Have Evolved And Why

How Human Brands Are Developing

CASE STUDY: A Happy Personality

Align Your Audience And Your Personality

Identify Your Brand Role

Build Your Personality On A Framework

Be Familiar Using A Scientific Framework

Analyse Your Personal Brand Relationships

Why Archetypes Are So Effective

Forget Marketing Hacks: Use Science


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