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Price to Profit: Psychology & Science of Pricing

Increase Business Profits by Smart Price and Marketing Psychology: Best Pricing Strategies to Influence Customers

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What you will learn

  • Price to Maximize Profit

  • Universal Rules of Pricing and Different Pricing Strategies

  • Learn How Consumers Perceive Price and Think about Price

  • How to Fight Price Wars

  • How to Run Sales Promotions to be the Winner

  • Dynamic Pricing from Airline Industry and Online Sales

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Open mind and your aptitude for learning

  • No pre-requisit about marketing psychology or customer psychology

Who is this course for

  • Business and Marketing Students

  • Any body interested in learning price influence

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Marketers and Sales People

  • Anyone Interested in the Application of Psychology in Pricing


Actual Student Reviews:

"If you are undecided on which pricing course to buy choose this one: essential, comprehensive, effective. I am an independent online entrepreneur and this course has allowed me both to learn new skills and, in the words of Steve Jobs, to "connect the dots" between direct experience with my ecommerce businesses and the psychological rules of pricing." Simone, B.

"I 'm online seller .I suffer lot in price battle. This lesson is effective and started to plan my price strategies without any loss and burden."  Akila, R.

"Covered so many more strategies and topics than any of my marketing courses at my university! Wow!" Rohan, G.

2024 Updates: 

A full section on Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) is added. You will be able to identify the Optimum Price Point (OPP) and the upper and lower limits (the price range) for any given product using this method. It is taught from A to Z.

Course Description:

This course uses marketing psychology principles to educate you on the science and psychology of pricing.

Price is what makes you money so deep understanding of how customers think about price can help you win customers and make more money. Pricing Strategies are powerful weapons in your hands to increase sales and more importantly profit. This course is pragmatic and applicable. It digs deep into scientific research of psychology and pricing in addition to the wisdom of pricing scholars and gurus. I have collected for you not only the tips and tricks to hack into customers' perception of price but also the overall strategies and consideration to coordinate your pricing strategies in any given situation or context. 

Did you know if you increase price 1%, your profit can go up by 11%? So what can be done to increase your prices by creating a win-win situation with your customers will be discussed in this course.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Universal Rules of Pricing: what is the overall

  2. How to Charge Higher Prices Confidently: Pricing is not about cost but about value perception of customers, we will see how you can find the higher price without losing sales. This can make you rich

  3. How to Fight Price Wars: Price wars are dangerous and costly. But they are inevitable. You will learn how to fight them if you have to

  4. Psychology of Pricing: How to Manipulate Price to Make it More Appealing: Does size or Color Matter? What's 99-ending pricing and other variations of odd pricing. Are they effective, when, and how? Here you will learn how to influence with Price.

  5. The Art of Discounting without Losing Profit: Discounting is another weapon in your arsenal. You need to learn when and how to use it maximize profitability. Random and blind discounting is prohibited.

  6. How to Enhance Consumption and Increase Renewal Rate: Interestingly price not only influences demand, it can also influence how people use products and services. Here you will learn how maximize renewal rate and consumption of your product.

  7. What Is Van Westendorp Pricing method and How to Implement it: A powerful method to confidently find the right price and the price rang for the target market.

And many more interesting topics and bonus videos. To the best of my knowledge, this is the most complete pricing course in Udemy.

Why Me?

I am an award winning marketing professor in a major university in USA. I have a Ph.D in business and have taught many MBA course including pricing strategies in different countries. I have a passion for teaching and my teaching style has been applauded by my students all the time. It is simple, to the point, and engaging. My Udemy course are all "highest rated" and very positvely reviewed.

So take this course now and let me take your business acumen to the next level.

Who this course is for:

  • EVERYONE because you are either a Seller or Buyer

  • Because everything has a PRICE

  • Because the Right Price will Make your Rich

  • Wrong Price will make you Broke


Introduction and Promotion. What is Covered?

What is Price?

Importance of Price for Profit Making

Quick Announcement

Pricing Strategies and Rules

Pricing Strategies

Rule Number One of Pricing: Never Violate this Rule

Rule Number Two of Pricing: How to Charge Higher Prices

Price Elasticity and your Pricing Power

Psychology Pricing

Intro to Psychology Pricing

99 Ending Effect

99 Ending Effect Mechanism - The Left Digit Effect

Other Odd Numbers Variation- 95 Ending or 99 Ending?

Luxury Pricing - When 99 Ending does not work

The Effect of Weird Pricing

Color Size and Style of Price Tag Manipulation- Intro

Color Size and Style Manipulation

Temporal or Penny a Day Pricing


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