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Leadership basics 101: 10x your Leadership skills

Learn how to be a confident and competent leader. Get the basics right.

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What you will learn

  • Acquire a structured approach for productive one-on-one sessions, including goal-setting, feedback, and progress tracking.

  • Implement strategies to set clear agendas, facilitate focused discussions, and ensure action points are assigned post-meeting.

  • Use proven techniques to identify individual strengths and gaps, and create personalised growth plans for mentees.

  • Employ a framework for delegating tasks based on individual capabilities, ensuring clear expectations and accountability.

  • Utilise a step-by-step guide to navigate and lead difficult conversations, ensuring constructive outcomes and preserved relationships.

  • Apply conflict resolution tools to mediate disagreements, fostering understanding and collaborative problem-solving.

  • Adopt a feedback model that's constructive, specific, and actionable, encouraging continuous improvement.

  • Establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, ensuring clarity, motivation, and trackable progress.

  • Learn techniques to convey ideas clearly, actively listen, and adapt communication style based on the audience.

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No experience needed, just an open mind and willingness to put what you learn into practice and to experiment.

Who is this course for

  • Anyone looking to step into a leadership role

  • New leaders who want guidance on how to be a great leader

  • Established leaders looking to improve their leadership

  • Existing Leaders who feel a lack of confidence in their skills or approach


Leadership is a set of behaviours not a position and being a leader is challenging and demanding. Many leaders overestimate their abilities and underestimate their need to get the basics right. This course is designed to cover the simple things that effective leaders do consistently and effectively. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools to do things that most people don't see, don't think about and take for granted.

- Communicate confidently and openly
- Structure effective meetings
- Get the most out of 1 on 1s
- Give great feedback
- Learn how to receive feedback
- Handle conflict with confidence
- Create a coaching culture
- Attain goals consistently
- Delegate and empower others

This course was made for anyone who wants to set a solid foundation for becoming a confident and competent leader. The only requirements are an open mind, a willingness to learn, experiment and to be consistent. Those enrolling in the course will have access to 90 videos, which build step by step with practical lessons to provide you a strong base for your leadership. There is no fluff or long unnecessary explanations - just useful information that you can put into practice straight away.

The course also includes strategies for how to maintain these new habits and to overcome any resistance you may face along the way from putting the new habits into practice.

Students who complete this course will feel more confident in leading others as well as creating a space of psychological safety and openness, which in turn will lead to greater engagement and productivity. This course may lead to an increase in recognition in your leadership capabilities.


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Effective Communication


The 5Cs of Communication

Communication Basics Part 1

Communication Basics Part 2

Communication styles

Psychometric tools

Cultural Differences

My World

Listening Continuum





Advantages and Disadvantages of Meetings

Before the Meeting


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