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Icon Animations in Android Applications - Complete Course

Learn to create amazing vector Animations like the ones from Instagram, Facebook and implement them in Android Studio.

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What you will learn

  • Clean, Smooth and Professional Animations

  • How to Auto-Generate XML Code for Animations

  • Learn how to use Shapeshifter

  • Morphing Animations

  • Knowledge to Create More Complex Animations by Yourself

  • Implement Awesome Animations in Android Studio

  • Create Beautiful Icon Animations

  • Learn more about AnimatedVectorDrawable

  • Learn more about VectorDrawable

  • Learn more about AnimatorSet

  • Learn more about ObjectAnimator

  • Learn more about Vectors

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Android Studio Installed

  • Adobe Xd Installed

Who is this course for

  • Android Developers

  • Mobile Programmers

  • Application Designers

  • Web Designers

  • Anyone who Wants to Learn How to Create Animations for Android Applications

  • Anyone who Wants to Learn How to Create Animations for iOS Applications

  • Anyone who Wants to Learn How to Create Animations for Web Applications

  • Anyone who wants to Learn more about Icon/Vector Animations


This course will teach you how to design and create vector animations for Android applications (Those animations could be used for iOS and Web as well), but we are only going to focus and implement our Animation in Android Studio this time.

I'm going to start this course by explaining you the basics you need to know to be able to undestand how vector animations work. I will introduce you to most important classes like; AnimatedVectorDrawable, VectorDrawable, AnimatorSet, ObjectAnimator.

We are going to avoid writing long boilerplate codes, instead we are going to use an existing web application called Shapeshifter. Then we are going to use that web app to visually create and animate our vectors and then auto-generate all the necessary XML code we need to implement in our Android application.


What is Vector?

What is Bitmap?

Understanding PathData

Introducing to VectorDrawable

Introducing to ObjectAnimator

Calculating Pivot Point

Introducing to AnimatorSet

Introducing to AnimatedVectorDrawable

Introducing to Adobe Xd

Introducing to Adobe Xd

Adobe Xd Interface

Export Vector from Adobe Xd

Adobe Xd Shortcuts

Free Vector Resources Online


Introducing to Shapeshifter

Animating Group Properties

Path Morphing

Animating Path Properties - Part 1


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