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Decluttering - Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course

Decluttering Your Life - Organization, Home Improvement, Minimalist Lifestyle, and Computer Organization Techniques

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What you will learn

  • How to Declutter your Life

  • Home Organization

  • Life Organization

  • How to Remove Clutter From Your Household

  • How To Prioritize Possessions

  • How to Declutter Your Bedroom, Kitchen, Attic, Basement, Home, Car, Yard and Office

  • Achieve better work/life balance

  • Best practices for reducing stress caused by clutter

  • Get organized

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • A willingness to Throw Stuff Away

  • A willingness to Donate or Sell Stuff You No Longer Use

  • A Desire for a Clutter-Free Life

  • A desire to have more mindfulness and resilience

Who is this course for

  • Anyone currently Living In Clutter

  • Lazy People Who Need a System for Clutter-Free Living That Doesn't Depend on Will Power

  • Messy People who have Tried Other Decluttering Systems in the Past that Didn't Work

  • Homeowners

  • Students

  • Busy Executives

  • House Husbands

  • House Wives


Decluttering - Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course

Decluttering Your Life - Organization, Home Improvement, Minimalist Lifestyle, and Computer Organization Techniques

You can declutter your life and start to enjoy your home, office, car, and surroundings on your own terms. Your clutter no longer has to fill up your space and your life.

Decluttering can seem so overwhelming that it just seems too hard to even start. This course will make it easy for you to start Decluttering today! And you won't have to stack your underwear or color-coordinate your socks either.

Clutter is filling up every inch of our lives, not just our closets and bedroom, but also our minds and free time. Clutter comes not just from junk mail and clothes that no longer fit, but also from social media notifications and constant emails from Groupon to buy more stuff!

You can take control of your life and your surroundings. This unique, groundbreaking course goes deeper than any other course on Decluttering by going to the true sources of all clutter in your life. You can have a clutter-free life and one that has true mindfulness attached to most of your day.

Message from the instructor

"The problem with so many courses and books on Decluttering isn't that they don't have good ideas and suggestions. the problem is that the instructors are people who have always been neat and organized. Decluttering is second nature for them. I, on the other hand, am naturally messy and sometimes sloppy. I had to come up with a system that works for me and people like me. My unique system of creating SelfieSpeak audio Programming (SSP) will build a system for you to live clutter-free forever!" TJ Walker

TJ Walker has had more than one dozen best-selling personal development courses here on Udemy and is one of the most prolific and successful personal development trainers in the world (online and offline).

TJ is also renowned for responding to each and every student's questions, concerns and issues in a timely manner. TJ is a truly accessible instructor!

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"I'm enjoying the straightforward teaching style. He explains the important "take-home message" and is providing practical tips to start organizing now." Megan Fencil

"I originally thought this was going to be like a Martha Stewart tutorial but instead the straightforward common-sense recommendations are fantastic. He's delved into many aspects that I never even thought needed to be addressed but now I realize they do. Excellent!!!" Jennifer Douglas

"I feel that I have clutter in my life, and the teacher is motivating me to clean up." Luz Loza

"Absolutely! This is what I need in my life. Something to lift up my spirit to declutter unnecessary things in my life" Nur Shuhadah Salim

"Very clear, structured. I love the fact that you can just listen to it while you do something else. You do not have to watch it, just listen and let the message sink in. Very pleasant voice" Eva Schunicht

"Topics are very well discussed and has been explained very well" Bryan James Ilaga

"I like the way TJ breaks down each area/part of one's house or life and clarifies how to declutter to bring about a better harmony/quality of life. For me, it's well worth following, so I can concentrate on what is important, and save so much time. " Paul Murphy

"I love the content and the delivery. The anecdotes used to hit the point home and I have been pushed to action. The course is holistic and tackles all areas of your life." Cat

"Because I have reached the age where I no longer feel the need to keep up with the "Jones" I Just want to be comfortable and be able to do as I please and not feel the need to be a slave to my cleaning or Internet Blogs I read." Janice K. Fretta

"Very good course which changes the way we think. Very useful in leading a minimalist life. " Vaishnav Ajith Nair

"I feel that I have clutter in my life, and the teacher is motivating me to clean up." Luz Loza

"Because already working on me, while I’m washing I can’t stop to cleaning my drawers. Loving it!! Thank you!!!" Cacilda Camilo-Ramos

"Loving it... Also helps I love to declutter but now even more constructively. Hoping to use this as a basis to set up my new business" Karen Fagan

"Thank you. I really needed this. Lost my beloved mother coming up 6 yrs next month and I'm still holding on to more things than I should. Hopefully, I can start decluttering really soon." Maxine Smith

Please enroll now to begin your Decluttering process today. Sign up today to take advantage of this limited offer.

This course also helps students learn more about best practices for reducing stress caused by living in clutter.

Live a Clutter-Free Life!

Decluttering - Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course Promo

Quick Win! - Start Right Now with One Fast Victory!

Another Quick Win - Conquer One Small Area To Declutter Now!

This Course Will Take You Much Deeper than the Clutter in Your Home

Marie Kondo Is Great! This Is How We Add to Her Insights

Make Sure Your Stuff Is Here To Serve You, and Not the Other Way Around

It's Not Always about Being a Minimalist, It's About Maximizing Your Life

Living a Decluttered Life Can Be as Easy As Talking a Selfie

2 Mega Concepts: 1. Throw Away Stuff 2. Stop Buying Stuff You Don't Need

Find Your WHY Motivating You to Declutter

A Better Deal than Self-Storage...Pouring Your Money Down the Drain

Make Sure You Are Not a Hoarder

Throw It Away If You can Replace it for X$ or Less

Turn Your Default Decision Making Process Into a Decluttering Machine

Sell Your Stuff To Other People, and Here Is How To Do It

Free is Never Free. Say NO to FREE

You Must Schedule Time On Your Calendar for Decluttering and Organizing

Decluttering This Course for You Now

A Stronger Framework for Decluttering Your World


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