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Alkaline Plant-based Basics

An Introductory Overview of Transitioning to an Alkaline Raw Vegan (Plant-based) Diet & Holistic Life

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What you will learn

  • An introductory course for transitioning into an alkaline raw vegan (plant-based) diet and holistic lifestyle.

  • Raw Vegan Basics

  • Simple Everyday Plant-based Basics

  • A Brief Overview of a Raw Vegan, Alkaline (Plant-based) Diet

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • No Requirements

Who is this course for

  • All are invited to enjoy this course and become familiar with a vegan and raw vegan (plant-based) dietary practices and lifestyle.

  • Expand Your Knowledge of a Raw Vegan, Alkaline, Plant-based Diet


Gain insight to the fundamental food choices, simplicity, and benefits of a raw vegan (plant-based) diet and learn easy, simple 'how-to' recipes to get started and/or continue your powerful dietary and lifestyle transformation, in a way that is do-able for everyone. 

This first introductory course, Eat! Easy Everyday Raw Vegan Recipes is not only the namesake of the companion book* for the course, it is also sweetly dedicated to supporting my Mother, Kathryn Hill Strayhorn, transition into a healthier diet and lifestyle.  Here, in this course, are a few easy recipes lovingly shared with and for her, and now available for all... 

Through her life experiences, Keirra is now able to the best of her ability offer support with the transition away from a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) while also improving upon and/or avoiding unhealthy vegan (plant-based) choices as well.  True health, without compromise, is the mission.

Venture into this nurturing course with an open mind, a sense of enthusiasm, and enjoy hearing Keirra share from her years of experience, intense study, and wisdom of those that have also impacted her own success in making a healthy, raw vegan (plant-based) lifestyle fun and fulfilling for life! 


Kathryn Hill Strayhorn, Keirra’s Mom, has successfully completed the New York City Marathon 11 times.  She also has six children, five biological children, and a 'bonus child,' her grandson Shakir.  Kathryn is currently living in Harlem, New York City enjoying a peaceful, healthy, happy life.

We celebrate this wonderful Woman!



General Overview of Raw Vegan (Plant-based) Foods and Lifestyle Practices

Raw Vegan (Plant-based) BLT Salad

Easy to Make Raw Vegan Applesauce with Toppings.

Raw Vegan (Plant-based) Walnut Butter

A Note of Gratitude and More...

Bonus Features, Food Pics, and Course Materials


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