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How to Make Ceramics at Home

Crafting Beauty Techniques with Clay: From Basics to Glazed Masterpieces

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What you will learn

  • Basic Techniques: Introduction to fundamental ceramics techniques, including wedging, centering clay on the wheel, hand-building methods like pinching, coiling, and slab construction.

  • Glazing and Decorating: Guidance on various glazing techniques and decorative practices to add color, texture, and personal flair to ceramic pieces.

  • Firing Process: Overview of the kiln firing process, including bisque firing and glaze firing, and alternatives for home setups without a kiln.

  • Firing Process: Overview of the kiln firing process, including bisque firing and glaze firing, and alternatives for home setups without a kiln.

What are the requirements for taking your course

  • Access to Basic Tools and Materials: Clay, basic pottery tools (e.g., ribbon tools, wire cutter, sponges), and access to a kiln (or alternatives for home firing).

  • Workspace: A dedicated space at home where you can work with clay and store your projects as they dry.

  • Enthusiasm to Learn: A willingness to get your hands dirty and experiment with clay, regardless of artistic skill level.

Who is this course for

  • DIY Enthusiasts: Individuals looking to explore a new hobby or craft and have a hands-on approach to creating art.

  • Home Decor Lovers: Those interested in making their own unique, handmade ceramic pieces for home decoration or as personalized gifts.

  • Beginners in Ceramics: Anyone new to ceramics who wants to learn the basics and understand the process of making pottery at home.


Join Umi Ceramics on YouTube for an engaging journey into the world of pottery making from the comfort of your home. This specially curated playlist, crafted by the talented hands behind Umi Ceramics, is designed for enthusiasts eager to dive into the clay and emerge with beautiful, handcrafted ceramic pieces.

Dive into the core of pottery making with videos that cover everything from basic preparation and materials to the creation of stunning, functional art pieces. Learn through detailed tutorials how to make plates using both wheel throwing and hand-building techniques, craft cups with the slab building method, and shape bowls with the ancient pinch pot technique. Each video is filled with tips, tricks, and insights to help you master the art of ceramics.

But the learning doesn't stop at shaping your creations; Umi Ceramics also guides you through the decorative process. Discover the secrets of glazing, including traditional methods and the unique bubble glazing technique, to add that final touch of personality and flair to your pieces.


Lesson: How to make clay SLIP


2 mins


How to make a PLASTER PRESS MOLD and How to use it Umi Ceramics


Lesson: How to make plates, two different ways I (bisque and glaze)


12 mins


How to make a CUP: slab building technique


How to make a CERAMIC BOWL - Pinch pot technique (the full process)

Assignment: Creating Your First Ceramic Bowl with the Pinch Pot Technique

4 hours


How To Glaze A Ceramic Plate + Bubble Glazing Technique

Assignment: Innovative Glazing: Transforming Your Ceramic Plate

2 hours


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