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Soft Skills

14 Mar, 2024

What Are Soft Skills & Why Are Soft Skills Important?

SkillTrans will help you better understand soft skills, why soft skills are important, and the most important soft skills you need to have.

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15 Mar, 2024

Problem Solving Skill: Strategies, Methods, and Techniques

In this article we will discuss problem solving skills, why it is important, strategies, methods, and techniques to apply this soft skill.

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19 Mar, 2024

The 10 Best Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are the foundation for other soft skills. This article will give you tips on how to effectively improve your communication skills.

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26 May, 2024

English Handwriting Tips for Beginners

Explores the benefits of English handwriting, from practical uses to cognitive enhancements. We also introduce different styles and share tips for handwriting.

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